Concept, Sketch, and Stamp Illustration…and a peek into my sketchbook

I had the entire day to myself! Which allowed me a bit more time for things like this…capturing and showing my process from concept to colored stamp. And I had time to practice drawing a portrait. :)

I woke up to over 500 likes on the Facebook page, so that meant a freebie…yea! And this is it…”Seven Christmas Birds,” from very loose concept sketch, to rough sketch, to final inked stamp line art, to colored version.

Concept to Stamp


FTHS_Seven Christmas Birds_colored


I decided to take a break after spending the morning creating “Seven Birds,” hoping if I put on a Netflix movie I would be able to fall asleep…really felt like I needed a nap! ;)  I decided on the movie Emma, as I had not seen it before. It’s a beautiful movie! Beautiful set, music, costuming and cast…

There was one scene that really caught my eye, so I rewound it and paused it to draw. I loved her expression–I didn’t quite capture it just right…that is something I am really trying to improve. Expressions fascinate me now. I hope by studying them, and drawing them for practice,  they will eventually make their way into the faces of my imaginative characters that I draw for my stamp illustrations…so that my stamps convey better emotion, are more expressive…

I found that throughout the movie, I was watching the actors’ expressions so intently that I would have to rewind to hear what was said….like 20 times….must have still been in my right-brain-visual-mode after sketching. :)



Note: Posting this drawing I made of a frame in a copyrighted motion picture falls under fair use. It is for informative, non commercial use, it uses a very teeny tiny portion of the entire copyrighted work (the movie), and it will not harm the potential market for the film….yes…I did some extensive reading to find out. :) 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
♥ Faith


  1. Thank you for another fabulous freebie. I like glimpsing into someone else’s sketchbook. thank you for sharing.

  2. This is absolutely amazing, What a beautiful sketch, wow, I am in awe of your work. Thank you for sharing with us. hugs, Cathy K

  3. Thank you for sharing your drawing process Faith. I like that you moved the end birds in closer so that they are part of the group. You have captured Gwyneth’s expression beautifully. Not familiar with that film but looking at your sketch it looks so lifelike.

    • Thank you, Suze! I love to sketch with pencil…but that is the beauty of going from concept to stamp all digitally….it’s so easy to move things around. Occasionally I will make a pencil sketch and make notes as to where I want to move things when I am digitally inking…it’s easier to fix it that way than erasing. :)

  4. You have such a wonderful creative mind! Thank you for the wonderful birds, and I think that your drawing of Emma is beautiful! I love how you re-wound it over and over….show you have an intense fascination with detail! Which is awesome!

  5. Thank you Faith, I always enjoy your posts. Keep going you are so talented. lol